6 Scalp-Blowing Benefits Of Sea Moss For Hair Growth!

6 Scalp-Blowing Benefits Of Sea Moss For Hair Growth!

Irish Sea Moss, mother nature’s gift from the rich waters of the Caribbean, has been proven time and again as a superfood and a supplement for chronic ailments, but now we expound upon its boons for hair care & growth.

Sea moss has been an active ingredient in many high-end hair care products for years, and chances are you owe your hair’s lustrous shine to it without having ever realized it.

Today Essence 92 is looking to impress you with some insane ways sea moss is the stand-alone protagonist in the battle against hair issues!

1. Stimulates Hair Growth

Undoubtedly, stress is a major stimulant of hair loss, but our product, Irish Sea Moss Capsules, can be consumed to combat oxidative stress with its loaded vitamin E content. And using sea moss on hair naturally boosts hair follicle stimulation & growth.

2. Acts As a Hair Conditioner

Using a sea moss hair masque is an ideal way to condition your hair and make it manageable. Sea moss hair products are also designed as such, but we wouldn’t promote chemicals adulterating the natural benefits of sea moss!

3. Revives Dull & Brittle Hair

Home-made sea moss gel, which can be made using our Spice Infused Sea Moss, can be applied topically to the scalp to help enhance its shine and condition the fizz.

4. Moisturizes the Scalp

Sea moss contains amounts of sebum triggering vitamin A that helps keep your hair dandruff free with a moist scalp.

5. Detoxifies Hair Roots

Sea moss gel acts as a hair follicle & scalp detoxifier. Buildup of scalp toxins from too much hair product use can stunt hair growth and cause hair loss. Sea moss gel keeps the toxins at bay with every application and wash.

6. Antibacterial Properties

Dandruff & itching can cause hair loss with breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Regular application of sea moss gel prevents any such bacteria or microbes from forming on the scalp.

Bonus Recipe!

Sea Moss Hair Masque

  • 1 cup dried sea moss
  • 2 cups filtered water
  • 2 tsps. of avocado oil
  • 2 tsps. of olive oil

Soak the sea moss in some water and allow it to sit overnight. Strain & blitz the sea moss in two cups of filtered water. Place the blended sea moss in a bowl and set it aside to gel.

Heat water in a pot to a boil. Place the bowl with the seam moss gel in the pot and mix it till it melts from the heat of the water. Add the essential oils and mix thoroughly. Remove bowl from the pot and allow it to cool.

Apply to wet hair and leave in for 30 minutes before washing or apply to dry hair as a leave-in conditioner. Refrigerate the remaining mix in an air-tight jar for up to 4 weeks.

Now that you know all about the hair benefits, you should consider utilizing sea moss to keep your hair healthy and in its best form possible. Order now from Essence 92’s exclusive and quality sea moss online store to get your own spice-infused sea moss gel for direct hair application with the added benefits of cinnamon!

We ship orders nationwide across the USA, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to get that luster to accompany your tresses!