You deserve to be healthy®. That is the driving force behind everything we do here at Essence 92®. Our sole mission is to create a community with the health and wellness of its members as our priority.


The conception of Essence 92 first began during the peak of Covid when a few health-conscious friends were taking a walk in Central Park. We felt that there was plenty of information out there on what to do after you become sick, but not nearly enough on how to take care of your health and avoid becoming ill in the first place. After the success we found by adding sea moss to our own daily regimen, we felt that we needed to share this amazing product and its benefits to the world. Several months went by, discussions and research continued, and in June 2021, Essence 92 was born. 

There are plenty of supplement companies out there, but where Essence 92 separates itself from the competitors is the community we are building and how our product is sourced. While others may use pool-grown or chemically engineered sea moss, we have taken the time to search far and wide, and partner with a highly reputable, local distributor in the Caribbean whose product is 100% organic and sustainably sourced. We don't take any shortcuts! From our formulas down to our packaging and shipping, our procedures have been rigorously tested and designed to bring our customers the best possible experience.

We invite you to gather the information for yourself, but we've done the research. There is no other plant from the ocean that contains the abundance of vitamins and minerals found in sea moss. It is truly a one-of-a-kind product, containing 92 out of 102 minerals that the human body needs. The beauty of sea moss is that, unlike many other supplements that only address one area of concern, sea moss checks a variety of boxes. For example, it is an excellent substitute for your morning cup of coffee, providing you with that natural energy boost to jump-start your day. Skincare, gut health, you name it, there are so many great applications for sea moss, and it's super versatile! Learn more about the benefits and different ways to incorporate sea moss into your daily regimen here

We believe that our customer is the hero of their own story, and Essence 92 is merely the guide. We hope that every person becomes a part of the Essence 92 family. 

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